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Kinky Chronicles
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2002-09-22 03:02:13 (UTC)

Joel's Party (last night)

So how're you all doing? I'm pretty good. Except for the
new rumour and all that. I kinda hooked up with Dustin last
weekend... and now ppl are saying that we hooked up last
night too.. it's great stuff. I think Joel said it. Dustin
won't tell me who told him but last time there was a rumour
about us Joel was the one that made it up. Ahh well.. I'll
make Dustin tell me. He's not very good at keeping that
kinda stuff from me! Anyways.. here's a lil story from last
night. I went upstairs in Joel's house (because I hadn't
seen up there before) and when I got to the top I realised
that Joel was coming up the stairs behind me. So anyways..
I looked into each room.. one at a time and I noticed how
close Joel was to me all the time.. so right before I
opened the last door Kayla and Chantelle opened it from the
inside and told us they were just looking at the kittens..
so Joel talked to them for a sec while I sat on the bed and
picked up a kitten. Then Joel sat on the bed (really really
close!!) and he started talking to me.. and he asked if the
two reasons I gave him (for never wanting to hook up with
him) were the only reasons.. and I said there was another..
and that it was my sister..(because he used to tell me how
hot she was..) and then he kinda started leaning closer and
he had his hand on my hip and he told me that he never
would've tried to hook up with my sister or Kylah because
they were unattainable..and I gave him a weird look and
said "well I guess you should know.. I'm unattainable
too.." and I got up and walked out of the room.. it was
awesome...I was soo impressed.. and at another point in the
night he was really close to me..and I put my lips about an
inch from his and said "guess it's too bad for you that I'm
unattainable to you.." and walked away.. I love torturing
the kid.. I would never hook up with him.. ahh the thought
of it creeps me out!!Anyways I gtg.. later..