When you wish upon a star
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2002-09-22 02:58:46 (UTC)

first entry

Good evening, im hobbitmuse, and your not. Im also on
Digital Expressions, same name, also hobbitmuse2. Its not
that im not creative, i just love that name.

Hobbit- a mythical creature from middle earth that is
short, loves life, and enjoys getting drunk.
Muse- to ponder or think in deep thought. also, a mythical
woman who inspired the arts. both work :) Im not who i
appear to be, so dont assume anything.

Im a writer
Im a romanticist
Im an anarcist
Im a pessimist
Im a dreamer
Im bitter
Im cynical
Im sarcastic
I mean well
Im anti social
Im a Lord of the Rings fangirl
I love you, but dont vex me
Im deep
Im artsy
Im articulate
Im in love with Orlando Bloom
Im lazy
Im introverted
Im deep
Im Taya.

Remember the last one. I want to find true love. however, i
hate the concept of "going out". i have never "gone out"
with anyone and i plan not to, i find it so immature. i
dont flirt either. If you think im flirting with you, odds
are im just humoring myself and i really truely dislike
you. I do, however, fall in love. Its very difficult
because most of the people i fall in love with turn out
gay. I hate the guys around me. i want older, more
sofisticated men than this. 90% of the guys around me are
either sex driven testostermorons whos meaning in life
doesnt go much deeper than going to parties, getting stoned
and/or drunk, having sex with a random girl, and then
peeing on her. You think im kidding? or, they are
emotionless, thoughtless dorks who either want there arm
around you every five minutes or ignore you completely. So
no, ill pass on that. Why cant guys be more like my friend
Elwood. Hes 21, mature, adores all of his girlfriends, and
his most outrageous form of vandilism was when he peed in a
fountain, and that was only because the bathroom door was

Well, id better stop here. ive got alot more to talk about
and absoultely no time. Good night.