Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2002-09-22 01:38:23 (UTC)

Over the hill and far away...

Plunders portugal and spain
King george commands and we obey
over the hill and far away...

Mmm, just a little song stuck in my
head. kinda nice tune, it reminds
me of... something...

Lost but not forgotten, I think..


Finally got full time hours, yay.

Finally got the urge to ask a grrl
out. Only it's not the one I have
as of late been wanting to.

The one I did, she is, how to say.
Pretty, goth, young, 19 or 20, again.
But theres something sad in her eyes
I see it, and yet even in the smoke
filled haze i can see that which
burns within.

Funny what the mind thinks of when
searching for someone.

I am lonely, but I am not alone.
I feel... wait a minute. isn't it
supposed to be alone but no lonely?

Hmm, strange...

Well, this will take some thought.
Wonder how that happened....

A kiss in the night for my Sweet Tess...

She needs a kiss, and were it so that
i could wrap my arms around her and
kiss her pained tears away. I would.

To live and dream, perchance to love...

If music be the food of love, then play on...

Play on...

I beg thee...