MY LIFE.....
2001-07-26 02:50:04 (UTC)

can U help ME?

hey there,
This is my first time writing for the public..I have been
keeping another separate diary before starting this I'm new, just, I'm nto a first time user on this
Anyways, I'm sure I have bored u enough already...but let
me tell you, my life can get pretty interesting! It's just
my summer life that is so completely boring that I started
this diary for all to see. My hobby is mostly just this,
being online! Yes, I COULD call myself a commputer geek or
whatever, but I wont. I am about 5'3" and I am a dirty
blonde w/ green eyes.
MY LIFE: Currently, I am without a B/F, but it doesnt
matter THAT much to me yet. Here's a long story short:
I met this boy who is one year older than I am,{I like them
a little older}and his name, we will call him J for now.
well I met him two states away from where I live. (I was
visiting, for a wedding) and I have been talking to him
everyday online ever since...well, we have grown to like
eachother, and both agreed that if we were to live closer
together, that we would probably be going out.... Well, on
the 27th....he's coming for a visit to see his family,
(our good friends). [Did u think he was actually gonna move
HERE?, HA!] so anyways.... he's coming and when mom heard
that I wasnt doing anything serious on the 28th..(Sat.) she
said that while they go to see Jurasic (sp?) Park, me and
him could walk around the mall together!! So...I am
soooooooooooooo psyched! but guess what, he hasnt been
writing back to my email in about 5 days...he has been
online, but he has been {AWAY} so I havent been able to
tell him! right now as I speak he is {AWAY} from talking! I
mean, what's that!? And even if we DID get to do that, I
dont know what I would say or do, I HAVE walked around the
mall with a guy before, of, but when I last
did, I didnt say much or do much...when it was over I was
so mad at myself! I am a huge talker online! thats how he
got to know me and I got to know him, because we chat
online, but some of the things I say online, I would NEVER
say in person, I'm like this completely new happy-go-lucky
person! Well, I dont know what to do, and I wanna atleast
run the idea through his mind...(he's coming with his bro
and he'd have to get permission) :P and I am
running out of time...HELP!!!!
WEll, I dont know if this little problem of mine really
seems all that important to u, but thanks for listening to
my life anyways, if u have any suggestions, write me!