nobody cares
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2002-09-22 00:17:47 (UTC)

i lied once too many times

i know i said in my last entry that that would be my last
one but i have too much stuff on my mind right now and i
want to tell the world wut im feeling and maybe someone can
give me some advise

ok first of all a little recape ... me and her are back to
being friends i love it soooooo much thank you alot for that
me and her are still not talking although i wish we could
again because i have so many things to share with you
i miss him so much i know i really shouldnt especially
because i broke up with him but i want to be able to
atleast talk to him on the phone because maybe i was wrong
but i have wanted to stay friends so badly
i want to talk to that guy as well i know u said u were
grounded but u said u were only grounded for a week and
that u would call me back when ur punishment is over and i
cant believe i lost ur number i wish to hear ur voice once
thank u lots because u threw a great part last night which
i enjoyed alot
i cant belive that u were sent away to another province and
i miss u always bugging me at the bus slips after school
i miss u and i wish u came home again i hope u didnt get
run over

to sum up i want u back in my life and i want u to be my
best friend again and i want to hear ur voice on the phone
and hang out one of these days and thank you so much for
forgiving me again...

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