mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-09-21 22:47:42 (UTC)

My son is the best......

Hey dad

got your letter. it touched me it really did. ya see im
bad at responding back to mushy stuff like this lol. but
nah ur a good dad regardless. money aint everything ya
know just cause u cant help me with my band trip dont mean
im gonna love you any less. c'mon now. ya know sumthin? all
thes mix cds that im still makin?? how do they sound so
good? hmm the stereo in my room?? and who got always pushin me to do my if i
do bad who always givin me advice on how to do if i do good whos always commending me fo
doing so all in all your not a bad dad (woah that
rhymed...look out eminem her comes and dont let
yourself think so..ok