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2002-09-21 21:29:41 (UTC)

Saturday :/

Well the social worker left not long ago. Things didnt go
as well as I wished they would have. My mom couldn't get
her lies straight. Which is bad. I was going to lie because
my sisters didnt want to get taken away, and I did and
things where going well kinda sorta until my mom had to
mess things up. The social worker told my mom that if she
didnt go and testify against my dad that was like choosing
him over us and that then we where going to be removed from
the home. That can only mean one thing ; we be iz fucked.
Only time can tell. How come evreyday that comes brings
more drama then the one before? Well yesterday I got to
talk to Sniper and I talked to Luisa for like 343786 hours
which was really cool because we talked about a lot of
things and we hadnt talked for that long in 5353987 years.
I went to sleep at 1 a.m. I was so sick I couldnt even
talk. Sux, now I gotta go get my tonsils removed which sux
even more. I hope I get to talk to Sniper today most likely
I will as soon as he gets home from work. Well thats all
for now, Ill post later.