[What You Will]
2001-07-26 02:14:23 (UTC)

Today is the greatest...

Hello, how are you my comrades? Well, I don't suppose you
want to know what I did today...fine, I'm not looking to
tell you. I just want to rave rave rave!! Well, a rave would
be fun minus the substances, but that's not what I'm talking
about anyway.
So...what am I talking about?
Music...yes, I rave about this ALL the time. But hey, it
changes for me, you know...your favorite songs come and go
like...the passing days. Yup.
So what's so great about music?! Everything...expression,
rhythm to dance to and tap to, freeeedom yah! Well, I
thought I'd just rave about some of my favorites...and why
they are so...
First of all, I'll start with bands that I like, because I
like more than one song by them!! Then I move on to
individual songs...

1. FOO FIGHTERS - Ok, I don't know what it is about their
music...I guess, everything. It makes me want to get up and
yell the lyrics while jumping up and down. I jus' like em
like that...I mean, some of their songs really are yellable
(Breakout, MIA, My Hero in and some of their
songs are just gorgeous! (Aurora, Everlong, Walking After
You, etc.) I lllooooovvveee Foo Fighters! I have my own page
for them, see here: I just made it
yesterday, so there isn't much but a layout that I am
majorly going to edit! I love "MIA"!!! but all the others I
do too...hehe "MIA" is in obsession right now ^.^

2. BLINK182 - Yah, so I like punk..and Blink182 is pop/punk,
but it's still good! Most of their songs are just dingy feel
good and jump around kinda songs...just upbeat and generally
catchy songs. And they are easy to play on the guitar. I
really like "The Rock Show", "What's My Age Again", and "Man
Overboard" fav is probably "Dammit". So they are good,
what's to say? And you gotta love the voice...I just do.

3. Green Day - More punk! This is good punk, tho, for punk
sake. Green Day is just screaming rebellion in all their
songs, which make them fun to sing/yell. Plus, they, too,
are easy to play and sing on the guitar! Whoooo! hmmm...I
like "Waiting" the best, along with "Minority", "Basket
Case", and...hmmm...others. I like all of em, for sure. And
I like the singer's

4. Oasis - British singers rule!! Yah, and Oasis' songs are
really nice...they are fairly "Wonderwall" and
"Champagne Supernova"..those are my favorites. Really I just
like the voice...hehe notice a pattern? ^.^

5. Neve - My friend bought me their cd a year ago for my
bday, and I still listen to it like everyday!! They are
soooo good and I like every single one of their songs. They
are kinda alternative rock/pop, but they are really good and
their songs have a nice ring to them. The voice is nice
too..hehe oh dear!

6. Vertical Horizon - Like Neve, really...but a little more
grown-up sounding. I like them for the same reasons hehe

Honorable mention: Fenix TX, Eve6, Mxpx, Linkin Park,

Now for song favorites really...of course, the bands I
mentioned include some favs, but here are others...

1. Everlong..haha Foo Fighters!
2. Hanging by a Moment - by Lifehouse - I just like the
lyrics to this song, and it has it's moments of soft and contrasts
3. Best I Ever Had...Vertical Horizon
4. Brick - Ben Folds Five - very soft, sad song...but the
piano part is very pretty *and I can play it! hehe*
5. Crawling/In the End - Linkin Park - you know, those
yellable songs...I like to get up and yell at the radio
6. Music Box Dancer..haha had to put that in

I adore Jpop and Jrock...

1. XJapan - they have some awesome, upbeat, rock songs
like..yelling and stuff again..and then some BEAUTIFUL
ballads that make you wanna cry!! So good...*sigh* Yoshiki!!

2. GLAY - they really are a fun group, and I love the
bassist...Jiro ^.^

3. Luna Sea - only have a couple songs, but I like them so
far...really rocky and good lyrics (eventhough in Japanese

4. Two-Mixx - yah!! techno/dance! whoooo! these people make
me move *clap*

5. Ayumi Hamasaki - she has a cute voice with some techno-y
songs and fun beats

6. Shazna - interesting? yah...I like em tho, I dunno...

7. Dir en Gray - sound really the same as Luna
fact, if I play them side by side, it is hard to really see
a difference...

Yah, so I started out strong, but towards the end I didn't
feel like being so wordy *haha* well, if you wanna know
anything about these bands, feel free to email me and
ask...I can give you more details ^.^