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2002-09-21 21:02:36 (UTC)

hey that wasn't me...

That wasn't me who wrote the time before it was my
best friend marissa. As you can see she is very pretective.
I think that i use to have a different idea what a friend
was, but, now i know. A friend isn't someone you call just
when your bord, a friend doesn't ask to stay the night they
wait for you to ask them, a true friend won't be mad at you
for very long ( no matter what, they will always forgive
you ) But a true friend is:
1. someone who if you don't call them they will call you.
2. Knows what you are thinking even if you don't tell them.
3. When you tell a friend who you really like,they tell
that person because they know you really want them to know.
4. Knows how to make you smile even when you've had the
worst day ever. Then they want to beat the snot out of who
ever made you upset.
5. Last but not least friends are there to keep you going
and to never let you fall, they will always be there to
catch you.
This school year has been so great. I have a ton of
friends. That i know are my true friends. I think God every
day that i have frineds like this. Well I g2g I have to
call my friend Ashley and ask her what time she is picking
me up in the morning to go to church.