mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-09-21 20:27:27 (UTC)

Work Sucks.....

Work Sucks, well, please let me put that in proper
perspective. I do love my job, honestly I do. I am a 911
dispatcher, and I think that this is the job that was ment
for me. What I cant stand about the job is that I am away
from my one and only true love , Lisa for too long. It
takess me about 1 hr and 15 min to get ot work, so for all
practical purposes I am away from her for almost 11 hrs
every day. Second problem with my job is that I work with
what has to be the most pompus self centered fat asshole
that there could be on this earth. i have had to work with
him since i took this job, and from day one he has felt
that he is better than me for a few reasons, 1 he has
worked here longer that I have, Big deal, I have lived it
this town since I was born ,and I practicly lived in the
firehouse for several years. 2 - He is the assistant chief
of the "rescue & ambulance Corp" in the town where he was
raised. He dont even live in town ne more , and I wouldnt
let ne1 from that group work on my dog, no less a member of
my family. He is always on phone gripeing about how he cant
get people to work in the group, well maybe he should look
in the mirror and he might see why .....
he often leaves the dispatch area for hrs at a time when we
work together ,and when he is here he is very quick to
critisize my work, but he never makes mistakes.
I work with him for 3 out of the 5 days of my work week,
and he is only person I have a problem with. All of my
coworkers also agree that he is very hard to work with, he
often has said that he wants to be a carpenter, and he has
done a lot of carpentry work (or so he says...) so, why
dont he quit and get the f out of here.
I am here tonight until 3 am, only cause I need the $$ ,
so i guess i have vented for now....
If i need to vent more later i will.....