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2002-09-21 20:12:22 (UTC)

Saturday the 21

Today i didnt leave my bed until 2 today. And i have the
WORST hangover........ I feel like i am gonna hurl, and i
took like 10 advils, which arent helping.

Ha i sprayed the back of saras head with fabreeeze it was

Tonight, Matty-Bear D, Daniel Patrick and Bens Fields are
coming up. This should be good... I cant wait. I'll give
you the 411 later.

PS- last night i lost my cell phone. if you have seen it
please call 427-4337.......

To my cell phone: my heart goes out to you my baby in your
time of lostess.... i cant wait to see you soon. i love
you & miss you bye

So ya matt dan and ben came up. It was relaly nice to see them and i
miss them alot. never really relaized how much till i was with them.
We went to carraige house, two diff places but they only had one tap
for like 12 kegs. it was kinda crappy! but anyways. we came back on
the rap trail. ha it was my first time.. oh by the way i found out
what my name means....

Kathryn- Pure Virginal...
Caroline- Melody-song, pretty one.

how cute. ben's means son of the right hand and thats pretty funny!
ha.. well i gtg ill write tomarrow