can't fight the moonlight...
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2002-09-21 20:03:55 (UTC)


just got off the phone w/ amy. her reach and mine are the
same thing. (its brown, btw) i mean, i know i'll never get
in unless its a total and absolute fluke, but what the
hell, might as well try right? here is me:
GPA: 3.4
SAT: 1260
Extracirricular: Too many to count.

I'm well rounded and smart. Yay for me. It won't be getting
me into brown, but it'll get me into NEU, and Salve and
HWS. So yayity there. Now if only we could fucking afford

ladeda. college sucks. no, it doesn't, i can't wait to go.
but i just don't want to have to deal w/ all the shit right
now (apps, money all that jazz)

welp i'm going to be picking up the sis in a few.
cheesecake! ooh, but i gotta talk about sardou..fuck it,
i'll do it later.

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