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2002-09-21 20:00:05 (UTC)

Friday Sept 20

Tonight was pretty awesome. We went to the apartments and
i drank like 6 cups of jungle juice (kool aid & vodka)and
drank like 6 beers. I proceeded to talk to a midget for
like a hour. Ha. I was trying to be nice and all my
friends were making fun of me. Well Dale sara and i stayed
up at Marlon's apartment for a long time. And sara and
dale played beer pong. They actually did pretty well.
Congrats guys.

When we came back to the room sara left me outside with
out a key card to get in. So i was rip shit when i got in
and i screamed at her for a long time. Well after all that
was over I went up stairs and talked a bit online.

I got into a fight with someone and literally told them "i
hope you die". Ha, wow that was terrible mean. Oh well
what can i do.. I just neeed to learn to bite my tounge in
those situations. I have no right to wish harm apon
anyone. I do give myself props for wanting to make things
right with the kid. but as if. hes kinda a loser.