No Matter How Hard I Try...
2002-09-21 18:30:23 (UTC)

ribs ouch pain!

I had to wake up early this morning to go take the Date
Course. I've been meaning to take it for months, but I've
been too damn lazy. It was a goof off session anyways, but
I made a 100.
My ribs are bruised really bad. When we were at the Cadet
Challenge meet yesterday, I did my push ups and sit ups
(which I wasn't able to stretch for becasue we were late so
my arms and stomach are sore and stiff) and then I went to
sleep on the metal bleechers. Samanns went to wake me up
by "tripping" over me because he was being dumb and he
kicked me in the ribs. Then he knee went into my back and
shoved my ribs into the little metal grooves. Needless to
say, my ribs were hurting pretty bad. Then I went and
worked the Gun Show in Lakeland. I woke up this morning and
seriously couldn't move. I couldn't figure it out! I knew I
couldn't move my arms from push-ups, and my stomach was
stiff from sit ups. I tried to sit up and almost died from
the pain. Needless to say, my ribs are bruised pretty bad
thanks to Sammans. They are swollen on the outside and
bruised on the inside. Damn asshole. hurts to
laugh and breahte in deep. GRRR FUCKING GRR! It really
hurts! I have to stand up striaght or lay down too. My back
has to stay straight or my ribs hurt.
Anyways, not much new in my life. Have to leave something
for Jess though. Yes Jessica, next time I see the person I
will do it. lol. I didn't yesterday, doubt I will
today...if I even see the person. But I can say I will!