2001-07-26 00:46:55 (UTC)


since this is my very first entry I figure I'll give a
little background into my mostly meaningless life. my name
is Beth and I live in a very small town in Indiana. My
graduating class had just under 150 students. I'm 18,
wishing I was 21. I'm starting college in the fall and I
work in a God-awful fabric store...not fun.
So, right now there are a lot of things weighing on my
mind. The heaviest is my friend, Julia. I'm so worried
about her. She has decided to leave our small town to move
800 miles away. She's going to live with her boyfriend in
Georgia. I don't know if she's making the right decision.
I'm going to miss her so much and maybe I don't want her to
do it just for that reason. Her mom has pretty much
banished her from the house, which I think was about the
stupidest thing she could have done at this point. She
pretty much forced Julia to move out. Another reason I
don't want her to leave is her college career. She had the
opportunity to go to a leading nursing college and had a
great job at a nursing home. I'm very worried that while
she's down there she won't bother to go to school at all.
I just pray she's doing the right thing...
Another thing that has been on my mind lately is my
friend Lissa. We have been best friends since the sixth
grade and I feel like we are growing apart. Well, I KNOW
we are groing apart. We din't speak to each other for over
a month and we just recently got back together to hang out
one night. it seemed weird to talk to her again, and for
some reason, it almost hurt to. We seem to have become
different people. She's been dating all these different
guys, and that's just not a priority in my life. I just
don't know what to do about the whole situation right now.
At least one good thing is happening! Me and my friend
Ashley are taking a week and a half vacation to Michigan
and then over to Wisconsin. I am really looking forward to
but anyways, I guess i've said enough for one night.

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