Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2002-09-21 17:34:18 (UTC)

Been a while eh?

Finaly went to the effort of getting up to the network and
logging on to the site. Took a while, eh? Well, lets recap
what happened over the last week or so.

Obviously the most "big" thing is me going to Stirling
Uni, got here about 5.30pm last Saturday (14th September)
and unpacked stuff myself because mother had to get back
to her work or something. Did that, didn't meet people in
kitchen even though I said I would. Everyone seemed to
have already made their own little social groups by the
time I got there. I was in no mood to try and impress
people who were already in their groups. I did meet a
couple of people once though, but it was a fair few days
ago so they've probably forgotten me, I know I have
forgotten them.

I haven't spent much time in my room anyway since the
people I knew from last year got here on Sunday. Its
better to hang with them now before the inevitable social
degradation becomes so apparent that every scenario
becomes a total bitch-fight. I can already see it
happening, time does that to people. Hung out a lot with
Colin and Steven and a little with Sarah, Claire, Sarah
and Stuart. Louise accosted me in the atrium of the
MacRoberts centre, haven't seen her for months. From what
I've heard from some of the others, I got the best
reception from her. Everyone else was either ignored or
fobbed off. I id the fobbing this time though because I
had to see my advisor of studies so it was genuine. She
lives in town now.

What else? Registered OK for things it seems but there was
a slight confusin with COmputing Science where I was put
in a beginner class when I was meant to be in the normal
one. I don't know if its been resolved though but I'll see
in a couple days when the class lists are up. I have so
many lectures early in the morning. So far, I have Monday,
Tuesday and Fridays at 9am. A small respite is that they
are lectures so if I feel really knackered I can miss them
and download the notes later.

Met the girl Steven, Colin and Lee are sharing the flat
with till February when Colin's brother takes over her
place. She's called Jess and she's from Tazmania. I've
spoken to her a bit, well more than the people at Geddes
I'm supposed to be sharing a kitchen with but thats no
surprise really. She has a great interest in photography
and she showed me her camera. It was an incredible piece
of tech. Very expensive too but she managed to get it duty
free so she saved quite a bit on it. She has amazing
talent from what I've seen of her work but when she has
the beautiful landrops of Tazmania even a semi-decent
picture would be beautiful.

Steven has took it upon himself to go around picking
people up whilst drunk. He keeps doing it to me but I
still have an irrational fear of heights and when drunk I
have hardly any control over anything so I wriggle and
scream when I don't have my feet on the ground. He also
head-butted me last night after glow, as he considered
it "affection" because he and someone he knows back home
do it to each other. I was half drunk at the time so I
didn't feel it but it helped me sober up instead.

I think thats pretty much everything up to date now. Still
no news of my SAAS loan application and it has been 28
days so unless it has arrived and my father or mother
(depending on where its sent) I'll have to complain about
it. Steven just called to see if I'm coming round to the
flat so I'll do that now.

Till next time space kittens!

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