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My Affairs with MARRIED WOMEN
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2002-09-21 16:59:53 (UTC)

Secret Affairs with Married Women Section 1 Part D

Wow I feel so loved and wonderful! God out did his self
when he created WOMAN! Oh I love being with a woman so
much! Karen is sleeping, I wore her out not with my cock
but with my collection of vibraing silcone dildos after we
had a long fuck session where she gave me a Love enema
which completely drained me. Not to be out done I whipped
out my vibrathe, eggs, and dildos and began to give her a
complete orgasmic work out.

Slipping in a vibrating bullet up her ass I worked a
vibrating 10 inch silcone dildo in and out of her slick
wet pussy while massaging her clitty with a vibrating egg.
Her hips and thighs danced and wiggled as she wailed and
howled in orgasm. Soon tears of great sexual delight ran
down her cheeks. With my cock once more erect and some
what sore I greased it up with vaseline. I removed thr
vibrating bullet from from ass and gently inserted my cock
into her ass as she wiggled helping me ease it into her.
Still working the dildo in her pussy she cried for more
and more.

Shooting my load in her butt I withdrew my cock and the
dildo and slowly inserted my hand into Karen's pussy!
This took some time, but once in I made a fist and Karen
screamed out in orgasm as my fingers massaged her cervix
and expanded the back of her pussy. Having enough and on
the verge of passing out I slowly withdrew my hand aching
from her contracting muscular pussy. Hugged and kissed her
and told her to sleep as I inserted a dildo into her pussy
for her to feel.

More later