Crazy Girl

Diving Under
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2002-09-21 16:51:54 (UTC)

No title

I dont know what to say in this right now... I would write
my exact feelings but they would hurt to many people,
including myself.
I have been crying a lot this morning, I realised I am a
stupid friend to have. I cant be worth holding onto because
I suck! I have been especially messed up to my best friend
and her man. Her man used to be my really close friend but
I pissed him off and he like hates me now. Life sometimes
just isnt worth living. It is kinda like I used to feel. I
used to hate that feeling so much, but now I am kind of
inviting it. I missed it. I know I have people who care
about me but they have been in an ilussion! I dont know,
maybe I am just letting it out and this isnt really how I
feel... it could happen right.
Well I dont know what else to write about, so you guys have
a good one.

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