[email protected]
2001-07-25 23:53:35 (UTC)

So here s the deal. Tony called..

So here's the deal. Tony called here looking for me
yesterday, and no one wanted to answer it.I finally get
moving on and he has to stir up the waters. I talked to him
mom and apparently he wants me to get my things out of
storage. I want to get them but if he starts anything I
will let him keep it all and walk away. I do not need his
obsessive and destructive personality to effect me. He is
sleeping with married women and unprotecting himself so it
WILL comeback to bite him in the ass. I don't know wether I
should have Alan go get my things or I should have no one
go. I want to keep walking down this path I chose without
him..I like how it feels.
So I got a call from the mechanic..I missed it to be
certain. I don't want to be on the net long so I will not
miss his call again, so short and sweet, This day has been
better than that in the last year or so. I ask that
everyone say a prayer for my grandmother whom I love so
dearly and is dying of lung cancer as I speak. I want her
to have one last good X-mas withher great grandchildren.
Wish her good if you do not believe in God. I pray for all
our lost souls out there wether or not there is anyone
listening, I know there is something.

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