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2002-09-21 13:35:01 (UTC)

this is from an old friend

Marshall said he put a tracer on the phone so we know who
called and they better quit if they know whats good for
them! Amy how could you be so dumb that you would get mad
at whiney just for going to church with someone else. You
are like 30 something years old. And Whitney is only 13.
Look at that age diffrence. How could you say that i was
not ther for whitney when her father passed away. I was
ther it was just that we were in diffrent classes with
diffrent friends. If i was whitney i could not blame her
for not wanting a friend like you. So just stay away from
Whitney and quit evil eyeing her as she gets son the bus in
the morning. And if i here any more complaining from
whitney then if i ever see you then you and me is gonna go
round and round!
PS incase you is wonderin this was