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My Affairs with MARRIED WOMEN
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2002-09-21 12:48:17 (UTC)

Secret Affairs with Married Women Section 1 Part C

Well How was "Roberto the Or-gas-mo" you ask? Actually not
bad at all for a 44 year old man who thinks he is still a
20 year old stud-muffin. Better than what I will have
waiting in bed tonight! Robert is like most males Sexually
insecure, he loved to be mommied, and babied as he humps
and pumps, thrusting his stroking cock rhythmically back
and forth deep inside my hungry starved vagina! I love how
he feels deep inside me throbbing and pulsating as we kiss
and swap spit, and mucus!

Robert has a eight inch cock narrow at his body which feel
so good and tapers to two inches thick with a huge two and
a half inch massive bent bull head! Looks funny I admit,
but god does it feel good! We fucked for about a hour, he
cummed twice begging me to have is baby as he cummed! Oh
how I love feeling his cum burst out spewing and spurting
inside me. All those billions of little spermies eager to
find my egg. Yes I cummed a bunch, Robert at least knows
how to make a woman orgasm which most men don't know!
Frank did, but forgot!

Next I am going to give Robert a real treat a warm slow
soapy love enema as we fuck! Later


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