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My Affairs with MARRIED WOMEN
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2002-09-21 10:01:37 (UTC)

Secret Affairs with Married Women Section 1 Part B

My name is Karen and this is so, so kwel! Well I am
married and love cheating on my hubby Frank who was at one
time really very good at sex, but now hops on gets a nut,
the goes to sleep night afer night after night! Robert is
very sweet, cute and so horny, like me! He has all the
great wondeful ways to make me cum and his bed is too Kwel
like a bridal chamber! He is romantic, overly affectionate,
and can't keep his hand off of me! He said because I am so
beautiful and sexy to him. Well enough of this and time to
go make love and fuck each other's brains out

"Karen Sue"