April Wynn

April Wynn
2002-09-21 09:44:01 (UTC)

Saturday, September21, 2002

It's 2:25 am, and i just got in... Dana dropped me off, we
just finished watching this LONG theatrical show on
polotics before tecknowlodgical revolution... I can't
remember some of it though... i felt like i should have
been taking notes! Anyway, i basically had a good night.
Diana rescued me from a nic-fit, and then we went to Thor's
to visit Dana because he's leaving for Alberta on Monday to
go do his lumber jack thing. There I had a couple drinks,
(this whisky tea remedy that Thor thought would make me
feel better... and a couple rye and cokes.) I was feelin
alright. Then Dianas curfew turned into 11:30 so she
ditched for home which left Dana to drive me back to the
Turners. Well... we head out to Lorenzo's so the boys could
smoke a j with him and we ended up watching that lame
movie. But i'm home now... and it's all good. I cant wait
to hear my review from Diana!!! I think Dana likes me but
it would be all to scary for there to be anything between
us, concidering the whole "dana&diana...brother and sister"
thing. I just know that she would advise me against it and
put herself in the middle. Ofcourse... i would never break
his heart...who's to say he wouldnt break mine?
Guys are so retarded.

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