Happy days, and then those other ones
2001-07-25 22:41:46 (UTC)


okay, why does it have to be that I live in place where my
name - an UNUSUAL name - abounds? I mean yeah, you hear it
on soap operas and a famous singer has it, but, you know
what!!!! GRRRR!!!! So Dustin finds out from his mom that
Dan's mom says that Dan is going out with Carly, kristin's
friend, and because that's my name too, he, and i guess his
mom too, think i'm just messing with both thier heads or
leading them both on or something!!! GRRRRR!!! I really
like dustin!!! So.... what the hell do i do, cuz i really
doubt he'll believe my story. DAMMIT!!! Okay, just because
in my class alone there are 2 other carlys (one spelled
Karley) and then there are 2 more that i know in my school,
doesn't mean they have to ruin my life and make my
supergreat boyfriend believe that i'm doubletiming with him
and his cousin!!! GRRRRR!!!! I AM NOT HAPPY!!!!

oh yeah, plus i DEFINATELY can't see him until sunday at
the earliest, which i guess is good since he is being like
this!!! DAMMIT!!!! i gotta talk to liz. Puff.


fiona sunshine