The abyss gazes also
2002-09-21 06:34:25 (UTC)


i met some hottie today in the horn. slipped her my digits
and she couldnt even wait til i got home to call me, i sure
hope that means she's all about me. dammit, i just want to
looooove that girl. hugs, kisses, dim lights, and the
warmth that only come from the female body.

"kiss me.....you won't regret it"
-Mike Damone

ha...fast times...

and now, on to the sad, sad songs

see all those people on the ground
wasting time
i try to hold it all inside
but just for tonight
the top of the world
sitting here wishing
the things I've become
that something is missing
maybe I...
but what do I know

and now it seems that i have found
nothing at all
I want to hear your voice out loud
slow it down
without it all
I'm choking on nothing
it's clear in my head
and I'm screaming for something
knowing nothing is better than knowing at all

On My Own