My thoughts exactly...
2001-07-25 22:17:06 (UTC)

cutting to the chase

OK, enough introductory stuff. I found this online diary
thing so that I can bear my thoughts into cyberspace and
get things off my chest and out of my mind (well, for the
meantime anyway). So, in case anyone is following or
reading along, then I'm gonna fast forward a little
and 'cut to the chase.'

There will be many things to discuss here, of course, but
today I want to talk about sexuality. Damn. A taboo topic
in some cultures - yeah, even within the U.S. Stupid huh.
I'm not going to be some sort of ass who wants to parade
around my sex-thought life on here, so if you're looking
for porn in words, you might want to look elsewhere. I
probably won't talk about it every day, as it's not really
something that occupies every moment of my life. (yeah
yeah, the 'guys think of sex every so many seconds' thing
still holds true, but I've learned to not let it overtake

OK anyway - I have struggled with my sexuality for a long
time. I don't know when it started, and I don't know when
I figured it out. But at this point, I would consider
myself to be bisexual. There are many things about a fine
woman that turn me on. In fact, I have a couple 'crushes'
right now on some girls. (more on that later) There are
also things about a guy that attract me, and for the
longest time I didn't think it was that different for
anyone else. I've openly been attracted to women, all in
the normal sense, and that is what our society and culture
expects. But 'inside the closet' I've also had attractions
to men. So I say all that because I am going to make a
journal entry here about those experiences during the
course of this ride, however long it may be. And I say
that, so that no one is taken aback by what I say.

Like I said, there are sites out there where people share
their fantasies, share their sexual adventures, and even
their exaggerations when it comes to crap like that. OK, I
take that back, it's not really all that crappy. (hahaha)
But that's not what my diary is going to be about. Sure,
occasionally I may share things about that aspect of my
life, but hey, it's part of my life. I want to leave these
avenues open as much as possible, and I hope that I achieve
that here.

Well I'm going to close this entry for now. Later tonight
I'll be back to share more about my day. Time for a

In a while,