The Basement
2002-09-21 05:49:21 (UTC)


FAMILY Sept 19,2002 10:51 P.M

I dun wanna listen no more!
I cant take it no more!
I dont need to sit here,
listen to you dissing my friends.
I dont need to sit here,
"you gotta do this,you gotta do that again".
Just leave me alone!
I wont get off the goddamn phone!
Its you that needs to listen!
This is my life your messing!

dont say no to me!
Dont you know anything?
Sit when I tell you to,
You cant live like you choose.
Friends are okay to loose,
You obey becuz you live under this roof.

Think like I want you to,
You eat when I say you do,
arent you glad you have parents the way you do?

Why cant you be like everybody else?
Why cant you dress like everyone else?
Why cant you walk like everyone else?
oh god, why cant I be somebody else?

I hate this,
I hate you.
I hate this,
I hate you.

Just a lil song I wrote to bang away on my guitar wit. Its
basically about my life. Its me vs. my parents. So
yea.sorta screwy but i like it.


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