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2002-09-21 05:44:06 (UTC)

raving at the mall

We dun have skoo today so me and william decided to hang
out together at the mall.
We met at the mall at around 11 this morning and spent 5
hours just walking around waiting for Taito and Vang to
show up. None did.
I bought him ice cream and stuff cuz he only brought his
credit card so he couldn't buy little stuff.He bought my
movie ticket and as a b-day present let me buy watever I
want.He said yes even when I asked him if it could be past
a hundred bucks! lolz but I would never do that.
It aint right. He wouldn't let me buy the cheep stuff
either so we agreed on 22$ pants for raving in October.
Apex sounds so nyce. Its club naf's last rave before it
closes.They r gonna open up the never before seen
downstairs section so its gonna be hella crowded.
We were playing on the little kids toys and stuff and the
securit guard kicked us out of the store...wuta sore ass...
And get this,highschoolers arent allowed in the mall witout
parents untill 2:30 in the afternoon. Isn't that hella
fucked up?
Me and Willy snuck in through the other way though.
Besides that, the day was basically ok.
He was all teaching me new techniqes for Liquid and stuff.
He always carrys around glowsticks for some reason. At
around 7 we went to catch a movie. We wanted to see Austin
Powers but there was only one playing and it was for 9:00
so we went to the other movie theater and watched Stealing
Harvard.It was one messed up movie. Not really recommended
basically cuz it sorta sucked.Now its about 10:30. I just
got home cuz we waited aroundalmsot an hour for my parents
to pick us up.Turned out he missed Korean skool and her mom
decided to pick us up but my dad showed up exactly when his
mom did so we got our seperate rides home. Now we are
planning on who's gonna give us a ride to Apex.
20$ entrance. Theres also gonna be a rave tomorrow night
too. 10 P.M-6 A.M tyte huh? I'm gonna make him battle me.
so tired.... paycE!!


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