Fragrant Whispers and Confusing Thoughts
2002-09-21 05:29:17 (UTC)


I thought I knew what friendship was.
Loving, crying, laughing and sharing.
I knew what it was made of.
Secrets, truth, holding, and caring.
How wrong could one be,
To know nothing at all?
As oblivious as me,
To not feel myself fall?
Am I not deserving
Of this concept they call friends?
Am I not I unswerving
In loyalty to all ends?
How dare you belittle
My true merit?!
Constant to whittle
Until I nolonger may bear it!
I shan't stand for this humiliation!
Nor shall I sleep
On this horrid vexation
My heart does keep!
Satisfaction, I demand!
For intolerable is hardihood.
Respect, I command!
Am I being understood?!