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2001-07-25 21:49:56 (UTC)

The first one

Well, this is definitely new, Im not big on diaries,
journals, etc. My name's Nate, or Nathaniel if you want to
get technical. I'm 6'4" about 200 pounds, brown hair and
eyes. Okay, now this sounds like a personal ad. My life
long ambition is to make movies, either as a
cinematographer and editor, or director, hopefully, all of
the above. I count among my favorite directors Stany
Kubrick and Paul Thomas Anderson. Right now, at this
second, my favorite movies are Magnolia, A Clockwork
Orange,Citizen Kane, A Thin Red Line, Saving Private Ryan,
Shawshank Redemption, and For Love of the Game. My musical
tastes are some what eclectic, with my favorite
bands/groups/peoples are Radiohead, Beethoven, OutKast,
Air, Moby, Red Hot Chili Peppers and stuff like that.
Well, I guess I'll start writing real stuff next time, but
hey, figured I'd let my myself be known. hell i don't even
know if anyone is reading this.

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