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2002-09-21 04:37:15 (UTC)

you make me remember things i want to forget...

im thinking a lot about moving back to my parents house. i
could save money until matt and i go to gainesville and
have a clean place that i can call home again... i wont be
there enough to let them piss me off.. i dont know..
matt.. everythings pretty good, for some reason im really
on edge though. i think my things coming or something.
ive been extra sensitive and paranoid.
had a stupid fight with caroline the other day. whatever.
what a bitch. so bitter.
i have class and work tomorrow, all day.. we saw one hour
photo tonight, it was okay. marias baby shower is
november something.. 7 i think. tori amos is coming to
tampa one of those days around then. that'll be cool.
rent is coming on my birthday=) matt and i are going. im
guna go take a nap with him before i go home.. i should get
some sleep tonight.

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