In the End
2001-07-25 21:48:18 (UTC)

The City of Lost Souls

I'm moving. I'm leaving my miniscule borough for a town
not much bigger. My sister lives there...she runs her own
coffee shop with her fiancee. I won't have my own
apartment, but I'll have my own room across the hall, my
own spiral staircase (so what if it only has approxiamately
three stairs...it spirals!), and a porch. I am definitely
excited to be getting out of here, leaving my boring job
for a more interesting one serving coffee to townies.

She says it's a city of lost souls...the people there are
just lost, they don't know where they're going or where
they've been. They just live. I'm positive it will be a
great experience. I consider myself a "people person" and
I will get to meet so many interesting people. I'll get to
meet the old lady who was in the bathroom when it flooded,
the cross-dresser who shows up in a thong sometimes, the
man who sleeps on the floor during poetry readings...It
doesn't matter that I'll have only a small room with a few
things...it matters that I'll have a whole new world to
explore and new people to meet.

I work in a medical center...I don't think I've mentioned
that before. It's only been a few weeks since I
transferred there from a different one, only ten or so
miles away. I open mail, file dictation, etc. Sometimes
I'd look over the letters as I was putting them safely in
their charts. In the old place, nothing interesting ever
happened to people. It was all sore throats, headaches,
blah blah blah. But at this new place, it's alcoholism,
construction accidents, animals bites...not fun stuff or
nice stuff obviously, but definitely a more interesting

"It's All For You" by Sister Hazel is blasting from my
little computer speaker...before that, a live version
of "In The End" by Linkin Park, the song my diary is named
after. It's a beautiful song. Depending on your mood, you
can interpret it so many different ways. I love it.

Last night I just downloaded alot of random songs. I like
to be diverse, and that is a great way to discover great
music. You DL something that sounds fun and interesting
and either you congradulate yourself or you realize it's
crap and delete it. Either way you're exposed to more
genres and more music than you would be had you just
listened to your own cds over and over. I ended up with a
few Korean songs, which were all very pretty. I got some
techno, some sucky, some cool. I got some other songs by
Gorillaz..."Clint Eastwood" is catchy, but I wasn't
impressed with their other stuff as of yet. "Finally,
someone let me out of my cage, time for me is nothing cuz
I'm counting no age."

Yay, my new Monkees songs are ready..."Daydream Believer"
and "I'm a Believer"...classic...

"Rhythm, you have it or you don't, that's a fallacy."