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2002-09-21 04:30:30 (UTC)


Well just finished fighting with mother again. I am fed up
with all this crap. I cant take it anymore as soon as my
dad gets out cuz he is since shes gonna go to court and
say I lied about everything which is really stupid since
the police have pictures. Duh!! All hell is gonna break
loose when she finds out about my tounge piercing. lol. I
told my cousin that if my dad gets out anytime soon that I
wasnt going to come back home that I didnt know where I was
gonna go but it wasnt going to be back here. She told me
that I should go live with my GODmother but thats too far
away or she said I could stay with her. Iunno yet, Sniper
said he was moving out soon hopefully iunno what imma do
everything is going so fast. Well I gotta go Ill post lataz.