Ode to a psycho!HA!
2002-09-21 04:13:47 (UTC)

To Sing at the Top of my Lungs

I am on the biggest high right now!!!!!!!! I just got done
with the gala performance of Little Mary Sunshine and I am
just so alive right now after such a horrible week that I
could sing at the top of my lungs and dance around my house
like I was a real dancer. Little Mary is really a horrible
show, but I have so much fun with the people around me.
Jonathan and I have so much fun, and we have a really great
cast of people, so it kind of balances that the show is
I haven't written in a while, so first off Bubbles died
on monday. A tragic incident the won't ever leave my mind.
The same day I found out thaat I had failed my APUSH test,
and I thought I lost my glasses, but I really didn't and I
got them back the next day. My mother and Julia are fighting
worse than ever,and my mother is also VERY much depressed
over bubbles death. Dance is going well. I've become alot
more flexible. I can almost do a full split. My goal is to be
able to do one by Christmas. My cousin Jessica in New York,
who'd the same age as I am moved to Cuba and I really think
it sucks. That is to say, Cuba, New York. She'll be two hours
away from the rest of the family. I cut the front off of my
entire leg this morning. I decided I'd be a cool chick, and
shave my legs because I was going to the beach with elyse
during lunch . SO I'm shaving, and my dad knocked on the door
to ask me a question and completely scared the SHIT out of
me. SLICE!! huge, thick fat four inch cut running up my leg
bleeding perfusely. This marks one week I have completely
ignored Nick........he doesn't even notice. I'm so degrading
to myself!! I shouldn't even care!!
Anyway that's enough. I'm just so awake and hyper.
Inexplicably so though. I'm going to ay dowm, I honestly
think I'm so awake because I'm so tired. You know how that
goes. later