Daily Rants
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2002-09-21 04:00:25 (UTC)

Power outages

Well, our power went out for about 6 hours yesterday.
That was real fun. Mid IM conversation with Mike, halfway
through my dark load of laundry, and halfway through
Christopher Lowell! Such sadness. Ended up doing a lot of
reading. Played Gin with my mom (General note: do you play
with 7 or 11 cards? I've been taught with both)

Anyways, no power was kinda fun for a bit. Until I
realized I was about as hairy as a wookie. Girls, DO NOT
try to shave by candlelight. bad idea. BAAAD idea.

On another note, the no caffeine thing is still going
well. Had to consciously remember not to order iced tea
at dinner. Lemonade works. Even better though, I found
this great herbal type tea with no caffeine, so I'm set.

And now I go back to K! Things to deal with first week:
Procure my stupid 125 dollar orgo book. Get my parking
pass. Sign up for hopefully not full Tae Kwon Do class...