The Story of Me
2001-07-25 21:37:24 (UTC)

My Day Thus Far...

Today I hurt. Ouch. I woke up this morning to get out of
bed and almost collapsed. But of course I went running
again today. It was a good day to run. It wasn't a million
degrees out today. So I dragged my brothers out with me,
and figured they would both blow me out of the water, but
they didn't. Okay, Jon did, he ran 2 miles non-stop, and I
will NEVER be able to do that. And Bruce ran a whole 2 laps
before he died. I told him he should have paced himself a
little better. I did manage an entire mile today, plus
walking 3 laps, so I got quite a good workout in today. And
I can barely walk...every part of my leg hurts. Then Bob
decided to play a little game..."dump the water bottle over
my head" How fun. But I got to drive home, and that was
much fun.

Sound boring enough? Oh, it only gets better...I had to
help my brother with his social studies project...making a
play-do map of the United States. How fun. So anyway, I
just got out of the shower, and now I am going to relax a
bit before I have to help with dinner. More later.