molly the undead

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2002-09-21 03:32:54 (UTC)

Friday, 9/20/02

I just got back from the arcade. It sucked pretty badly.
They had some chick "hardcore punk" band there. It was
awful. The back-up singer was just barking into the
microphone. And i've never seen so many emo kids in my
life. However i have come to a conclusion...emo guys are
really sexy. Seriously, they just look so retarded, it's to
the point where it has actually become endearing. Like if
someone is running a race on a track and they get so far
behind that it looks like they're ahead. Eh, now i'm just
rambling..i'm a bit tired. Jodie is over right now, she's
not feeling well, she drank a whole bottle of robitussin.