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My Affairs with MARRIED WOMEN
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2002-09-21 03:25:02 (UTC)

Secret affairs with Married Women Section 1 Part A

I don't look at myself as a SEX Addict. I don't have sex
all the time or as much as I want too and wished I did.
Presently I am seeing three Married women. I love Married
women they are more loving and affectionate than single
women, and divorced women. I always have loved being with
Married women. My first lover when I was 16 was a super
foxy horny married 35 year old blonde!

Now I am seeing Linda a 38 year old woman who wants some
romantic excitement. We have been seeing each other now for
two years and her husband is totally unaware of her
prowlness. I only see her when her husband is out of town
and she comes to stay with me a few days! I have a large
two bedroom apartment which I have turned into a very
romantic Love Nest for a lady to relax and feel
comfortable, as well as let her know she is something
rather special.

I have my bedroom with a double bed nothing fancy a
dresser. and night stands. However the Master bedroom is
what I call my LOVE CHAMBER. Featuring a King size canopy
bed with white satin curtains and blue drapes The headboard
is two feet deep with shelves and drawers cantaining my
stereo system, and large collection of sex toys. I believe
in a woman being as comfortable as possible. I have ten
large pillows which help make any sexual position

I will admit Linda did help me create my Love Chamber. The
other two women, Sharon who is 31 and four months pregnant
with my baby her husband thinks is his, not hardly! Sharon
and I have been seeing each other for over a year she drops
by usually on Tuesdays after work from 4 to 6pm. On
tuesdays her husband has to go to business meetings in Ft
Worth and doesn't get home till after 7pm.

Tomorrow is Saturday and Karen will be over at 10am till
4pm. Karen is 24 years old and after 5 years of marriage
she is tired of the oh hum sexlife with her husband. Yet
with me I am excited, thrilled, and so happy. I go out of
my way to make sex as loving, special, and romantic as I
can. We will stay in bed having sex continually till she
leaves. But also they tell me about their lives and it
maybe boring to their husbands but not to me.

They all love how well I am at sex, making them have tons
of orgasms which to me is more important than for me to
have a orgasms. I love giving a woman orgasms and making
them cum as much as I can. I love watching a woman go into
orgasm and seeing her face glow with pleasure moaning,
wailing. howling as they do! Well have to get things ready
for Karen tomorrow. I see them when they can get away which
isn't much. I am still looking for someone else cause I am
so horny all the time!