2001-07-25 21:25:15 (UTC)

Good Day, Bad Day

Today has been interesting. Woke up and went downstairs
just as my friend Michelle was leaving. Shit shit shit..
something is wrong... why else would she be here. Got into
the shower as fast as I could, got dressed, put on make up
and watched the soaps.

I knew she would come back and she did. We went to the
beach and talked because she needed to. Walked and got our
feet wet. Water felt nice. It's so fucking HOT out.

I wont say what happened out of respect for her, but I
just hope things work out for her and things go a little
better for her then they have been.

She is my Twisted Sista so when she is upset so am I.

I dont know if she is going to pick me up so I can sleep
over tonight or not but either way we are hanging out
tomorrow all day at the beach :)

I could use a few drinks right now and some texas tea cause
Im fuckin wiggin my ass off. AUGH. Oh yeah that whole Jay
thing. Well.. it wasnt a thing at all. Men are stupid
stupid beings. Too bad.. he doesnt know what he's missing.
*hair toss* asshole.

I wish I had some money for some cigarettes. Hell I just
want some fucking money.

Well Im off to go chill out its waaayyy to fucking hot up
here. SEE YA!

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