Life is like a bowl of Cherries
2002-09-21 02:32:55 (UTC)

Daddy didn't raise no fool

okay, So I've started this new daily work out routine and
I'm really proud of myself about it! It goes like this:
10-15 minutes of running/jogging
50 leg lifts
100 leg kicks (in leg lift position with your leg in the
50 more leg lifts
*switch legs and do the leg stuffs again
5-10 minutes running/jogging
30 sit ups
30 bicycle crunches

ahhh.. sometimes its a killer, sometimes its a breeze. I
just started it tuesday. But I've done it every day.. if
today is friday, that makes what? 4 days now.. man, today I
did NOT want to do it.. too much self discipline, but I
guess I'd rather have discipline than regret. I just dont
want to become lazy, because when you become lazy with one
aspect of your life, it usually carries over. Like, if i
slack excersizing, I'll slack healthy eating, i'll slack
getting enough sleep, ill slack school work.. blah blah..
I'm just not the slacker type. I don't want that.

So, I'm attracted to this guy, right? And I get a feeling
that its mutual, but I don't want to read more into it than
what is really there. Its exciting though, he's really fun,
and I enjoy learning new things about him. I just pray that
my attraction to him DOESNT at all act as a cocurrent
distraction to my focus on God.. I would just want
everything to be right.

Today in geometry, I made a picture of a guy without a
face, then surrounding him I wrote some of the things I
want in a future mate. I intend to write it all out, so
that my intentions are clear.. but I have really high
standards so that may take a while. :)

I'm a very happy Liz.