I am a goddess
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2001-07-25 21:15:55 (UTC)


Well, my friend Aimee told me that she is training to
be a hairdresser, it made me put my own life into
perspective, im 16 years old and i dont really have a clue
what i want to do with the rest of my life. I'm reasonably
intelligent, going into 6th form and hopefully going into
university. But to study what????
I quite fancy journalism or teaching, i dunno, im quite
articulate and can get people to listen to me so i supose
that i could do that. Its like another freind of mine
helen, she has known she wants to be a doctor for all of
her life, she has had this dream for ever, and then theres
me not having s clue what i really want to do. How can i
not know? How can people know?
Do you suddenly wake up one morning and think, yeah i
want to be a marine biologist, stripper or whatever? How do
you know that thats the career for you?
its like love, everyone says that once your in love you
will just know, everyhing feels right. I'm kid of a
cynicist when it comes to love, i don't think it will
happen to me, ever. I want kids but i dont think i will get
married, i wouldn't put anyone through that torment. lol.
When will you ever know when something is right for
you? Its different for every person, some may take years,
other days. It all depends on your outlook on life i
suppose, if you want to believe, if you want it hard enough
it will come quicker. i don't know.
Sometimes i think that i don't know anything.