You Think You Know But You Have No Idea
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2002-09-20 21:57:12 (UTC)

This was writen on 9.18.02 before I went to sleep.

I haven't been crying that much lately but last night I
cried a lot. For some reason I can not stop thinking about
what could be going on now at LuHi if I still were going
there and how much happier I could've been. Nobody can
replace my friends from LuHi. The friends there just dont
compare to the friends i have now at west hollow. Why
can't I just can't get past this phase per se or whatever
you want to call it and then move on? But I just can't
though. Memories @ LuHi is like the best thing that I have
in my life other than my friends. I need to realize that I
can't be going to LuHi anymore and I just need to move on
but its just too damn hard because I just cant stop and
4get everything single moment I had when I was the most
happiest ever. LuHi was a very important step for me and
yet the best thing I had so far in about my 13 years
living. I don't know what to do to get past this. I can't
live w/o my friends. I need them to talk to, give me
advice, and to joke around with. They're the ones I need
now to help me get past this but there the also the reason
why I can't move on about not going to LuHi anymore. When
will I get on with my life....Am I going to be like this

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