You Think You Know But You Have No Idea
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2002-09-20 21:41:25 (UTC)

This was writen on 9.10.02 before I went to sleep.

Today at school wasn't so bad. Tomorrow is 9/11. It's
weird not seeing the skyline w/o the twin towers being
there no more. Time shaw goes by fast it's already been a
year. Well today I was talking to my friend Ashley, a
friend from LuHi and we kept talking about memories and
all the good times from LuHi that we had last year. Why
does this keep happening to me?!?! Everytime I remember
sumthing from LuHi I keep starting to cry a little bit.
Maybe its just because everything is happening so fast
that it feels like I am just leaving everytinh behind
about LuHi. It's just that being with my friends from LuHi
is what makes me happy and it has never been like that
be4. I remember when I always played the circle game with
courtney and ashley and we would always punch each other
and we would always give each other dares to do. Thinking
about LuHi is kinda hard for me right now cuz I know im
going to end up getting upset. So I'm gonna stop now then.
Bye :(

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