You Think You Know But You Have No Idea
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2002-09-20 21:30:41 (UTC)

This was writen on 9.9.02 before I went to sleep.

It was another sucky day at West Hollow again. I guess my
parents dont realize how emotionally scared I was by
taking me out of LuHi. I've never been happier @ any
school while I was attending LuHi. I had the greatest
friends and great teachers @ LuHi also. Just thinking
about not going to LuHi anymore makes me feel upset and I
start to cry a little bit. If only my parents knew what
being a student like at west hollow I think they would've
reconsidered sending me back to LuHi. They took me out of
a place where I couldn't have been happier especially it
being a school. The only way for you to enjoy going to
west hollow if you were popular and were a jap. And for
everyone else that attends west hollow the popular people
and japs treat you like an outcast and stare at you a lot.
And when my mom came home today she started yelling at me
because I wasn't joining a sport this fall. She wanted me
to join soccer but i didn't want to because I didn't have
any friends on the team but thats not what I told her. I
told her that I didn't like to play soccer. But I do tho.
If I were still at LuHi I would've joined the soccer team
because I have friends that are on the team. I can't wait
until the end of October because I might be going with one
of my friends to one of the dances at LuHi. Students at
LuHi can bring friends from a different school. Ahh...I
was just remembering the good times with all my wonderful
friends....Til' next time.

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