2001-07-25 19:51:18 (UTC)

Blue and westlife :D

heey diary! i have had the best day! first, i got up quite
early coz mum went to work this morning...and the first
thing i see...BLUE!! yes i saw blues new video! and lee
ryan from blue just looks lovely! he is so FIT!! and THEN i
saw westlifes new vid!! i was like WOW!! :D:D ive seen
blues vid a few times now and im loving it more each time i
see it! gawd im mad! lol! well, ive started a blue site :)
so then i'll have two websites :) yay for me! lol! as u can
see, im in a hyperactive mood today! its seeing blue early
of a morning that does it to me!! i also got a hospital
appointment thru the post this morning but hey! never mind
eh?! i got a postcard from kerry too she sounds like she is
havin fun up in scotland! gawd im luvvin blue at the
minute! im talkin to lee online again :) i swear i am
seriously falling for that guy!! he is so sweet and lovely
and gawd my hormones are flying all over the place today!!
LOL! it must be the name lee!!! ahhh the life of an almost
16 year old eh?! well, im off now, gona go listen to
blue and dream!!! til next time...

TODAYS MOOD: hyper!!
SONG OF THE DAY: Blue 'Too Close'
LAD OF THE DAY: Lee Ryan from Blue!!!