the life of a not so perfect KT girl
2001-07-25 19:28:40 (UTC)

the preppy frat boy likes me



Well Darcy is afraid I am gonna hook up with Jason and
forget her .. Okay I am not gonna hook up with him .. he is
a frat boy .. a preppy frat boy who thinks I am a prep ..
hahahaha that is funny .. I might dress like one but I am
not one .. I asked him why he called me a prep .. and he
is all * well u dress like one , and u talk and act like
one *
Am I a prep !? I mean I have spent most of my teenage
years trying to be acceppted.. and now I am acceppted and
I am thinking .. is it me that won't except them ? OKay I
called him a * frat boy* last night and he laughed at me ..
I mean it was a cute haha laugh not like a cruel u are
stupid laugh .. he was like that is funny b/c I almost
joined a frat ! and I am all .. hehehe .. I dunno he wants
me and he knows it .. but I am not even gonna go there b/c
we are from too different worlds and I could never fit in
his world.. he is 19 and a sophmore in college and I am a
junior in highschool .. tell how that will ever work out
just look at Darcy and trey .. a sophmore in highschol and
a sophmore in college .. I mean what is he gonna tell his
college friends .. Oh yeah guys this is My highschool
Girlfriend who still has a curfew!!!!!!!! God the whole
thing just upsets me .. I mean really what would a college
guy want with me ... aprently whatevery guy wants .. but
like what if i don't want that .. Like here what can u get
outta this .. we were talking last night and I mentioned I
don't like to sleep alone and he was all * it would be so
cool if I could have a gurl to sleep with every night *
okay so I am thinking PLaya !!!!!!! but come to find out he
ment one gurl .. and then this was followed by * yeah it
would be nice ya know to have a gurl to mess around with
and stuff !* okay this boy matches the exact character of
that MIke guy on the Real world * back to New york *!!!!! I
swear to God though if he ever calls me a " Freak Pany
Dropper " I am gonna bust a cap in his azz!!!! I promise
that !
So ne ways I mean he will say all this cute sweet stuff and
then it is followed by like something off the wall .. it is
deffenty like living in that MTV show .... I am not
exagerating!!!!!!!!! I dunno so tell me this is not odd
behavior .. he calls every night long distance at like 1230
to 1235 and we talk for like 2 hours .. last night he
called at like 1230 or so and we talked till 2 am
his phone bill is gonna be hella high !
Humm we have things in common but I feel so like young and
stuff around him .. its odd . I feel as though I was born
yesterday .. I duno he tries though he is goona teach me
how to play golf and how to fish .. I am all *oh no !*
I don't touch dead fish and as for golf its a guy sport ..
well it is to me ! He asked me what my favorite thing to
do was .. I replied .. * i dunno * now I know .. to shop !
Yes so I am like here I wanna teach him how to shop for
gurls .. and I will be the guinne pig .. he can shop for
me! hehehehe or better yet take me shoping
he has money .. alot of it .. I mean he has a PS2 and alot
of games and everything .. a 27 inch tv in his room
I mean he has a lot of stuff .. spoiled .. I dunno : }
I am gonna get outta here!
lates ~*~ McCall ~*~