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2002-09-20 19:10:40 (UTC)

Sick :/

Wellz today I had to stay home because I was sick. I have
tonsilitis however the hell itz spelled. I was bored so I
decided to come online and check out new stuff and my
fellow keystyler had already adviced me about this site so
I decided to make one too.
Yesterday I went over Sniperz house, I got to meet the
family. The first one that I met was his mom, she was
really nice. We played pool, we tried to catch the rabbit
but he kept running away, he showed me my future dog (his
dog had puppies and im gonna get one :) And for the rest of
the night we just sat on the couch talking... Im so happy :)
Then I got home like aroung 8 somthing and got in trouble
because I didnt tell anyone that I wasnt going to come
straight home after school.
The usual thingz happend here at home I faught with "momma"
again, it seems like ever since my dad got locked up I am
to blame for everything and she has absolutely no problem
reminding me that all of the things that are going on are
all my fault when I was the one that did something right
like maybe ummm... SAVE HER LIFE!! She also bitchez at me
for the simple fact that I wont go visit my dad before his
court date which is on Monday and he gets transferred to
the big P. Why would I go visit someone that doesnt want to
see me?? Duh! After all he said to me from jail. Dad: My
mom already told me you told her to tell me that you said
thanx for everything that I have done to this family and
that I only came back home to make things worst... Your
welcome. See you in 3-5 yearz?
Well I miss my baby Sniper, I dont think I will get to see
him today nor on Saturday becuase the social worker lady is
coming again. Maybe on Sunday.