adventures of a speed freak
2001-07-25 18:56:05 (UTC)

The Bad Seed

What possesses them to throw a fit simply because not enough
attention is being paid to them? Nerves. They get on my
nerves. Not all of them. Just the miniature ones with blonde
hair and watermelon printed button down shirts. Being pushed
around in a baby carriage is their favorite mode of travel.

Sidney made veggie burgers last night. And we drank Cokes
while watching Drop Dead Fred. This heat is unbearable. We
sat as close as possible to the fan but I was still drenched
in sweat. I smelled bad. And that ruined any possibilities
of a romantic evening between me and Sid. I was really
looking forward to the make-up sex after yesterday morning's
fight. C'est la vie.

I have a secret crush on the girl that I see in the elevator
at work. I'm on the 4th floor and she is on the 8th. I'm
still hoping to bump into her during my lunch break. On one
hand, it's a good thing that our relationship is limited to
minor interaction in the elevator because it's not as if
though I don't have a girlfriend. But this girl, she is like
a character sketch. She is predictable because you know she
is the story's protagonist (I think that she must be, because
she looks like someone that people write books about) but
unpredictable at the same time because she is the type with a
hidden past.