hvnlyhottie13z journal
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2002-09-20 18:34:25 (UTC)

13 daez...

13 daez till my b dae and evry time a dae passez me by my
life getz worse and worse.. every freakin dae... steven is
not talking to me anymore... actually he hasn't talked to
me since last friday. i guess everything is just a joke to
him or something seeing how pathetic i must be to believe
him saying that he likes me... every damn time he does this
to me i believe him and every fucking time i end up like
this. damnit i just hate this! i feel like i hate
everything! i know i quit smoking last year but i think i'm
gunna start again... all this stress is making my hands
shake and i'm so damn nervous about everything i do. i dont
want to feel like this i need a hobby. something other than
having no life and wasting it away over the computer... i
need a fucking life damnit. gosh i cant get over how mad at
myself i am... KILL ME.. i'm so damn guillable.. i belived
him again... steven, if your reading this, if you dont like
me just TELL ME for christs sakez... plz.

o nevermind he probably aint even readin this... well.. g2g
contemplate on how fucking stupid i am... bye.