as the Oval turns
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2001-07-25 18:15:14 (UTC)

Mo' Drahma, Mo' Dramma

Okay, in lighter news...
I guess Pacey has been IMing my friend Esther under a
different screenname. I don't know for sure if he tried to
IM me under it, b/c since I've been busy I've clicked off
people that aren't on my buddy list that have tried to IM
me. However, Esther told me what the name looked like and
it wasn't something I recognize, and knowing how Pacey is,
I could see him taking on a different screenname, b/c he
doesn't know much about IM, and not a lot about blocking
someone. I know it seems as if I think the worst of him,
but at this point nothing would surprise me.
In other news, next quarter might be crazy. My two
really good friends are moving far, far away from campus,
which means that the closest friend/acquaintance in
proximity to where I'll be living is, of course, Pacey.
He'll be living two streets over from me on the same block,
and I could basically walk out the door of my dorm, turn
down the walkway and get to his place in less than 2
minutes. Damn. On top of that, Esther reminded me that
he's one to park his bike at the rack by the dorm in which
I'll be staying. Crap. Then, I'm wait-listed for a class
that I need to take, that come to find out, he's in, which
means that if I end up in it, which will most likely
happen, it's a distinct possibility he'll be in my section
and I'll have to look at his big head during lecture,
especially seeing that it's a small class. Nooooooo!
In more immediate news, in 2 1/2 weeks, I may go to Cedar
Point with this jerk and some friends of ours. If our
group ends up being some odd number, I could just see Pacey
thinking that I'm going to try to ride the rides with him,
especially if Jenna doesn't go. My next-door neighbor says
that Pacey likes to feel needed, and that he wants me to
depend on him so that he feels better and he can say that
someone likes him...which would explain why he can remember
clearly to the year and month when he found out I liked
him. I do know that in some way it is important to him,
b/c it has dictated the course of our "friendship" for
goodness knows how long, and that it seems to come up quite
a bit on his side of things. I wonder how he'd feel if he
knew that I didn't care anymore and I didn't depend on him
or need him, for that matter...